On Taking a Break: Summer Vacation

Hi, Kids I know I’ve been in the shadows recently. Truth is, I’ve been feeling painfully inadequate. I’ve been listening to podcasts, reading, and in general doing what I call “caving”: staying in, being quiet, being…alone. It’s sort of my thang. I’ve got so much to tell you about, and write about, but after swimming in the loveliness of so… Read more →

My Thoughts on Rape Culture and Solo Adventures

I can’t responsibly write about being a woman who encourages other women to venture out on their own without addressing the most recent events. A 20 year old Stanford student raped an unconscious woman at a frat party, and as punishment was sentenced to six months in jail. Six. Months. I can’t…I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around… Read more →

Zoo de Mack Finish

Solo Travel Log: Zoo de Mackinac Bike Ride

Welp. If you haven’t been playing along, you might not know that last weekend I rode my bike 51 miles along the coast of Michigan, just because it’s a kick ass thing to do. (PS: Really? You’ve gotten this far and didn’t know? Shame.) After months of thinking about the ride, trying to train while Michigan weather was snowing in… Read more →

ZDM logo

Solo Adventure: Ready to Roll! Zoo de Mackinac

Hi, Kids! I’m getting ready to roll – literally. This weekend is the Zoo de Mac bike ride across Michigan: 51 miles from Boyne Highlands to Mackinaw City. I’m not sure I’m physically ready; the ride has a reputation for being quite hilly. And let’s face it: 51 miles is no simple task (at least not for me). But I’m… Read more →

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How I Found Myself Laughing So Hard I Thought I Might Pass Out

Hello my lovelies. Life has been a lovely, slow, all-kinds-of-awesome lately. Three weeks ago I had to have a small outpatient procedure that ended up requiring a little more down time than I’d anticipated. Nothing to raise the red flag about, but I was forced to get super cozy with my bed and let my body heal. The doctor’s prescription… Read more →

Single Taken Busy

Detroit Weekend Check In

Happy Friday, Kids I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because it’s finally, FINALLY Springtime in the D. Looks at this beautiful weekend we have on tap. Needless to say, I’m going to be out and about, and I have a very busy weekend planned. And while the things I have planned aren’t necessarily solo adventures, I do want to… Read more →

Seven Easy (?) Steps to Conquer Your Fear of Being Solo

Hi, Kids I don’t think I can write another post complaining about the ridiculous weather we’re having here in the Midwest. I’ll just leave this image here, and you can draw your own conclusions. Because of that ridiculous picture and all it represents, The Internet and I had some bonding time this weekend, when I stumbled upon a TEDx Wilmington talk… Read more →

Guest blogger Melissa

Guest Blogger Travel Log: Geneva On the Lake, OH

Kids, I’ve got a little treat for you today! I’m turning over the blog to my dear friend, Melissa, who recently took a solo winery tour, and was gracious enough to tell us all about it! Of course, I couldn’t help a few interjections along the way. I think you’ll be able to tell when I chime in. Here we… Read more →